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      I did contact the reporter who has been following Parkland and he gave me a hotline number to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). They opened a case because I was able to give dates, times, and photo evidence of all their shenanigans! I hope the investigation has a positive result.

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    For what it’s worth, you should know that Vancomycin and Metronidazole are the standard therapy for C. diff; however, oral Vanco and Metro added to IV are more effective than just IV Vanco and Metro alone for treating C. diff because the bug has not necessarily invaded the body, but instead maybe just confined in the gut lumen producing toxins absorbed byt the body where IV antibiotics are ineffective in reaching, via the blood and lymph vessels.

    Rather than trying fecal infusions via nasogastric tube feeds (which many hospitals are understandably still reluctant to try due to its unsavory nature), you could tell your friend to constantly take acidophilus and eat yogurt to replenish normal bacterial gut flora wiped out by the antibiotics because Vanco and Metro (Flagyl) not only kill C. diff, it also kills all the good bacterial flora in the gut, causing a void in which C. diff can continue to thrive in. (This is why the New England Journal did the study with fecal infusions after antibiotic therapy because normal gut flora from things like feces is supposed to inhibit the spread of C. diff.)

    It is likely your friend acquired the C. diff infection at the hospital because it is a hospital-acquired infection, not normally seen in the community. I don’t believe she got it from Vanco or Metro, but instead, for her kidney biopsy, the doctors probably used a penicillin-based antibiotic for prophylaxis that probably wiped out the normal bacterial flora in her gut, allowing the C. diff acquired at Parkland to flourish in the void of her unprotected intestines.

    Please note, however, your friend’s continuing diarrhea may not be from C. diff (it may be though, I don’t know), but a lab test will confirm if C. diff is still a problem. Diarrhea will still remain a problem so long as her normal gut flora is disrupted by any antibiotics. Normal bacteria flora is necessary for normal digestion, so your friend needs to try to replenish her normal gut flora (via fecal infusions to the intestines, yogurt, acidophilus pills, or what not.)

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      The antibiotic given, according to my research, was not approved for use for C Diff by the FDA. It only listed Vancomycin. What I have learned over the years with pharmaceuticals are often used by medical professionals in an experimental capacity and if it works for one person, they incorrectly assume it can be used for all. Because of her Lupus, her body wasn’t absorbing any of the treatments and you have to aggressively treat any infections for Lupus patients. My issue with the fecal bacteriotherapy came in when they said it “isn’t in their standard of care” yet I could do it at home. I found it insulting and down-right contrary to the Hippocratic Oath taken by these so-called medical professionals. I was also told by these same “professionals” that probiotics were ineffective. But I have since found out, and subsequently proven them wrong, that one specific probiotic called Saccharomyces Boulardii, has been proven to cure people of the C Diff. I purchased it and began giving it to her one week ago and not only has her diarrhea subsided, but all her blood work is coming back normal for the first time in months! A hospitals “standard of care” should include whatever means necessary to cure a patient! They should not EVER refuse to treat a patient. But what I am also finding is a lot of passing the buck because her insurance has not kicked in. We have actually been told by these “medical professionals” that when it does, her standard of care will improve! HOW DARE THEY! People become indigent for all kinds of reasons and none of them have to do with being lazy, or suffering from addiction, etc. She lost her job due to corporate greed and her illness came on by no fault of her own. So, where as I appreciate you trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, they do not and will never deserve it.

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