Grandmother’s Heroic Jump Into Pool to Save Drowning Grandchild Ends in Double Horror | The Stir


Grandmother’s Heroic Jump Into Pool to Save Drowning Grandchild Ends in Double Horror | The Stir.

This article hits close to home because I could never learn how to swim either. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I figured out why: someone tried to drown me when I was 3 years old. I blocked out the memory but it subconsciously prevented me from going near the water. The summer camp counselors would have to call my parents because I would be screaming and crying at the thought of getting into the pool. To this day I avoid the water unless it’s the shower and I don’t let the water run over my head into my face. I hold my head back so the water runs behind me. I make sure there is a life vest I can wear if I end up on a boat with friends or I just stay on shore. I’ve never cruised! There is no help for me. This article made me wonder why this grandmother never learned to swim. But like this heroic grandma, if I saw a child drowning, I would do the same in spite of my fears. I would  jump in to save a life!


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    If you’d like to be able to help. you may want to consider therapy (talk to staff at a local pool and see if anyone knows of anyone willing and qualified to help) so you can do so safely. Otherwise, instead of imagining yourself jumping in and providing a econd person in trouble, just resolve to get help as quickly as you can – throw in a life preserver or hold out a “crook” kept by most pools, and call 911.
    One of the most difficult things, even for experienced, strong swimmers is to rescue a terrified potential drowning victim. You need special training to do it effectively.

    Have a lovely day.

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      Thank you for that. I have thought about it. But I decided to just stay away from any water related activities so I do not run the risk of encountering any problems. That is including cruises unless I can wear my life vest the entire time.

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