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    I’m currently undergoing chemo for breast cancer and decided to use Penguin Cold Caps to try to keep my hair. My doctor is old school and told me not to bother with it, that the caps didn’t work and just “go bald” but I felt it was worth the cost to take a chance on it working. I feel lucky that I followed my own intuition. I’ve completed two rounds of chemo so far and I still have a full head of hair. Even my oncologist was floored when she saw me for my follow up appointment. She told me that I should have been completely bald three weeks back and it’s obvious that the caps are working very well. It’s expensive and a hassle and therefore not something everyone can do but it’s great to at least have this option. I’m able to go out into the world and no one knows I’m being treated for cancer unless I tell them. This has been the only part of this entire ordeal that I’ve felt I had some control over and it’s been very empowering for me. After doing a lot of research on the subject, I found that the risk of using the caps is nearly nil. They have been used in Europe for years and several hospitals around the U.S. offer the caps to rent for their patients. UCLA and some of the major cancer hospitals in the L.A. area keep special freezers in their infusion centers just for people who want to use the caps. It seems clear to me that if the risk of using the caps was substantial, you would not see this kind of openness in some of these medical settings. It’s only a matter of time until the FDA gives approval. The only thing I would like to mention to people considering the cold cap is that you want to do some research to be sure that the chemo medications you will be utilizing will be effective with the caps. Women using TC chemo for breast cancer seem to do very well with the caps; women using ACT chemo for breast cancer seem to have less effectiveness with the caps. Thanks for sharing this information with people!

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      You’re welcome! I’m a firm believer in spreading the good word about helpful things. If I reach just one person, then I have accomplished my duty as a human!

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