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    Karen, firstly thanks for sharing my blog post and for your passionate concern for women who are abused day in, day out, every minute of the day… We have had similar problems in Jamaica with the police, but as you could tell from reading my blog, we have a policewoman now who is determined to have a more caring police – as she is. When did the Violence Against Women Act expire – does it have to go through Congress to be renewed or can the President just sign off on it? Does this mean women have much less protection now (I guess so)? This is a BAD state of affairs… I will sign and share your petition shortly but once again, thanks for caring… Emma

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      Thank you! Congress has to revote on it in order for the President to sign off on it. I’m not sure of the exact expiration but it is soon and they are stalling on that and everything else that can move this country forward!

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    I agree that abuse needs to be stopped. However, truth be told the abusers are not all male nor are all the victims female or children.

    There are many cases where the abusers are women and the victims are men!

    If we are going to stop abuse, we need to stop all abuse and not sexually discriminate against abusers, and accepting some forms of it. Regardless who commits it or who receives it, it is equally as bad and therefore needs equal treatment.

    The problem with men being abused is that they not only have to endure the actual act, but they must also endure the humiliation of attempting to get help and protection from the abuser. This level of discrimination apparently knows no limits. Since even law enforcement and the courts tend to side and protect women before they will ever protect a man. After all, the “man” is so much stronger than the woman! However, if a man does protect himself, he often does so with extreme consequences, all too often more so than if a woman was to protect herself.

    As a result, the man is not only abused by the abuser, he is likewise abused by the very system designed to protect all victims of crime.

    A man, regardless of physical strength, no more deserves to be abused then a woman, regardless of dress, deserves to be raped. We need to put a stop to all forms of abuse regardless who the victim is or what sex the abuser may be!

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      I agree but historically and statistically the abuse has been heaped on women by men who control the system. Maybe if the men of this planet, such as yourself, stood up and fought against abuse more throughout the centuries, then maybe things would be different. Sweeping abuse under the rug and using political power to lord it over anyone has been historical all over the world. My attacker tried to have me arrested for assault when all I was doing was trying to save my life! He had done this previously 3 times and the system all three times let him off! That is what I fight against and will continue to fight against! That was the first and LAST time something like that will happen to me and I will go to my grave fighting the insipid system that allows abuse to stand for anyone! MAN, WOMAN, or CHILD!

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          I applaud your service to our country but signing every petition regarding abuse and getting involved on a local level by educating our youth or volunteering at a local shelter or support group would continue your service. Getting involved and staying involved is key to change!

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